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15cm(about 6in)18cm(about 7in)20cm(about 8in)
Stationary HeadBobble Head


Custom: Here you can completely design your bobblehead  (from head to toe), by customizing the head, body and pose.

Size: The size refers to the standing height of the bobblehead dolls. 

Tips: You can choose Stationary Head or Bobble Head .But Bobble Head only can make short hairstyles, Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles. If you want a more vivid and cute bobblehead doll, we suggest you choose Bobble Head.

Production time: We need about 3-7 days to make the product, but the specific situation is analyzed.We will confirm the details of the product with you by email after you place the order. We will start to make the product after waiting for your confirmation, so please pay attention to your email.

Attention: To ensure the quality of the product, we will confirm the customer's avatar problem back and forth, so it takes about a week to ship. It can be received in about a week after delivery, so you need to reserve 15 to 20 days, please understand.

Production Process

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