1.100% satisfaction Guarantee

We can send you doll preview photos during the doll making process. If you are not satisfied with the doll, you can propose a modification. We will modify the doll until we make a custom bobblehead doll that will satisfy you.

2.High Quality Custom Bobbleheads

We are confident to create the perfect bobblehead doll. All materials we use are non-toxic, very durable, and certified according to the highest industry standards. Our carving artists have rich education experience and at least 10 years of sculpting experience. We will also strictly control the production process of products in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. The combination of high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship can definitely create the perfect doll .

3.Best Price Guarantee

We are committed to creating high-quality bobblehead dolls and providing customers with quality services. At the same time our prices are also the best. You will not find the best-priced company on the Internet that makes high-quality dolls for you. If you think you have found a better price, please email us and we will match the price. But please note that when comparing the prices, make sure you add all the extra costs of other suppliers, such as proofing, base color changes, glasses, tattoos, helmets, hats, caps and other expenses.

4.Minimum transport time

Please select the most suitable delivery options  before confirming your order.  If you need a very fast turnaround time, we have accurate shipping methods and customization options to ensure that you can receive customized dolls as soon as possible. Please be assured that despite the urgent order, we will also ensure the quality of the dolls. We promise that you can receive quality dolls in a short time.

5.Production proofs

We will send you preview photos during the doll making process, and you can see that your custom doll is being created. If you need to modify the doll, please let us know. We will make changes based on your suggestions and update you with new preview photos in time.

6.professional Customer Service

We will not ask you to register an account. Because we will use high-quality dolls to retain customers' hearts. After you confirm the order, we will have a professional customer service team to communicate with you directly by email or phone to process your order. Before the order is completed, you can ask customer service if you have any questions, we will  help you patiently. We take the interests of customers as the core, so you can rest assured to cooperate with us !!

7. extra charge is free

We do not try to charge you for every little extra you request. Although the industry standardrequire additional costs, such as base colour selection, tattoos, logos, helmets, caps, hats, glasses, sunglasses and other small add-ons, Customtobox is willing to provide these extras for free. Isn't this attractive?

8.Free Mockup & Multiple orders

we provide online forms to create your order via the website, At the same time, we also hope that you can send us your photos through e-mail and communicate the details before product production. This way we can create shaking head dolls with more precision.We can produce a free mockup of your doll by combining several of your photos.If you do not like to create an order on the website, you can also confirm the order by sending an email.

9.Cancel order

If the doll starts production, it will mean that molding and shaping have begun. Cancellations or changes, a 40% supplementary inventory fee will be charged based on the price of the item.

10.Mass order, best price

When you have a large number of orders to cooperate with us, we can provide you with very favorable prices.  Because we can use the mold produced for the first custom doll to create the remaining set. We are able to provide you with discounts of over 75% for large bulk orders of identical designs. Even if you have a large order with all unique designs, we will set  the price for you. You just need to send us an email,  and we will send you a free quote with preferential price.

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